I recently got a shipment of three SP350-48 Meanwell supplies. From the endless sphere forum, I thought they were just CV(Constant Voltage) power supplies, and thus I was designing a CC(constant Current) circuit similar to what you can buy from the Tppacks website.

In the End I have seen that these are actually newer model, with 3-shunts, and most IMPORTANTLY, they are CC-CV (Constant Current-Constant Voltage).

The Max current delivery at 59V was seen to be at 9.8A for 5minutes, and then drops to 7.6A( which is 0.3A more than rated current).

What I wanted was somewhere around 3A for the charging rate. Thus, what I did, was simply cut off 2 of the 3 shunt wires, thus reducing the current by one-third( to 3.5A). Not bad for $40. If I ever want more current again, I will simply resolder the shunts :)

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